okay wow we had a bit of miscommunication but I enjoy it regardless

magic man asks:

1. what is your favourite hobby?

art! as you have lots of mediums for it

2. what's the first and last thing you cooked?

brownies! and for the same person, how cool is that

3. favourite greek alphabet letter?

omega, played too much God of War

4. what's the coolest thing you won? (referring to both prizes and competitions)

uhh i don't think i earned much. Only remember my bronze medal from that Association Kangourou sans Frontières - AKSF's olympic math test that happens every year at school

5. are you scared of the dark?

yes... almost died after watching Skinamarink bc of trauma

6. favourite day of the year?


7. given the death penalty, what would your last meal be?

Doce de abóbora!!! (Pumpkin Candy)

8. if you could travel to anywhere in time, when and where would you go?

first to the top of M. Everest to take a photo, then I'd just go anywhere I crave food or ingredients from, like Tiramisu > Cova Montenapoleone, and make money out of importation requests

9. orange juice or apple juice?

My country is the world biggest orange exporter + my region is my country's biggest orange producer so yh I like orange juice, specially w Guaraná soda

10. do you squish bugs or try to take them outside?

depends on how irritating, those thermites that seeks lights I step on, also bc they eat all my clothes and furniture, but spider and alikes I shove them from my window

11. favourite color?


12.what's the name of your fictional band? (if you don't have one make one up)

Vagarosas Visceras Vermelhas

13. if you had the means to do so, what wacky thing would you port doom on?

human brain

14. what is your moral stance on picking flowers?

if it has fallen on the ground it's okay, otherwise leave them or plant one yourself

15. which two animals would you make into a hybrid? and which two fruit/veg?

damn, fox-owl, strawberry-blueberry or dragonfruit-kiwi

16. what pokemon type(s) would you be?

ghost poison

17. what's a reoccuring dream you have? if you don't have one, what dream stuck with you the most?

I have dreams reoccur in the same universe/space but never the same events, maybe consequences of them. Usually when I'm killed or someone that I never saw in real life dies, so I have a few stuck w me

18. what would you put on the voyager golden record? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_Golden_Record)

"rawr xD"

19. favourite potato based dish?

potato bread!!!

20. if you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


21. any conspiracies you believe in?

idk i don't care much ab stuff that i cannot know, but the most cool is self-inflicted 9/11 and jfk's

22. which musical instrument would you like to learn to play?


23. what's your earliest memory?

i was 2yo by the bed's edge staring at a bookshelf, fast forward that day I was on my dad's shoulder banging the roof bc it made the dog mad

24. how many photos do you take in a day on average?

2? I go weeks without photos and then I go somewhere cool and get 400 when I'm back

25. describe your desktop?

Vermis book's texture Background, 2 shortcuts, 2 folders and 4 docker shortcuts

26. sweet or savoury breakfast?


27. what were you playing growing up?

Crash, Lego Games, Club Penguin and Destiny, a lot of Destiny

28. how do you defend against the snail? (you get 10 million dollars but there's an immortal snail which follows you for the rest of your life and kills you by touching you (it can board a plane))

get a trained dog to spot snails, get passive income from half of that and the rest I use to enjoy my temporary staying at Garibaldi, Oregon then my home

29. what's the quirkiest thing you have ever spent money on?

zippo lighter i think

30. favourite minecraft block?

dark oak wood planks

31. is sisyphus happy?

i think i'm too autistic to answer this, it's like asking if prometheus is happy, no he is not

32. salted or unsalted butter?

salted, i drink a lot of water

33. what's your best pickup line?

"choose a finger", *shows all ten of them*, *wait for them to choose any*, "oh u got the 'you have to kiss me' one", then ask them if they want obvs
never used tho

34. worst toilet you pooped in?

i think at school? it wasn't even bad, it's just that i don't do it outside my house

35. memories of places you've never been to?

ooohhh this is fun, I have this pseudo premonition thingies while I dream so time to time I see 5 seconds of something that happened while dreaming, I don't think there's any on the queue but I remember having a dream ab a zoo 1 year before going to it

36. cold water or room temp? (bonus: warm? hot? inside a plastic bottle in a hot car on a torrid summer's day?)

when i'm fine - cold, when i'm sad - room temp. i do not fathom the reason to why someone would drink boiling water

37. meat or candy?


candy i guess

38. if you could be any kind of monster, what would you be?

slender man!!!

39. favourite genre?

non binary, horror

40. what's up?

i made brownie for my friend and they said it was the best one yet so very happy

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