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(in a non-ominous way)

having a chat with a wizard, I decided to trail a similar way of thinking as their's.

may you wonder what it is but I shall keep this for myself.

this will be one of the few times, to not limit to the only, that I direct a monologue to the viewer, i.e. You.

if you wish to immerse, think of this as a home, my home! In neocities. The reason you're here, and I'm not, is whatever you come up with.

I hope you find it as comfortable as I do!

being more straightforward...

you'll my find many of my likings here but here's some spoilers...

Major breakthrough

abóbora ("a" as in "father"; first "o" as in "shock" and second as in "bow") stands for Pumpkin, because there's a
pumpkin amorphous sweet Doce de Abóbora that I adore and it's definitively the best thing in the world.
I also love a variant of Reese's Dadinho we have here, Cinnamon rolls, one I've seen people calling Honey Cakes, but I prefer pão de Mel and last but not least
bolinho de chuva .
(free translation: lil rain cake [way better than "dumplings"])

i really enjoy doing a multitude of things, but mostly art, aaand I tend to do all of them at the same time as any normal sensible person would.

The ones I often practice are:
(digital, pixel or default, and trad [mostly inkpen])
(any with bass)

all focusing either on horror or ambient but sometimes I do silly stuff.

my inspiration mainly comes from:

there are a *ton* more, but these are the "personality defining" ones

I enjoy rpg too! Delving in GUMSHOE and investigation in general, so Esoterrorists, Trail of Cthulhu, etc, but I do DnD too
My most obvious one is coding, especially front-end, but I aim to someday be a game-dev at least in one game!

The ones I consume:


Im a big fan of horror and animation in general, so my top 3 is Coraline, Skinamarink and Across the Spiderverse. The amount of anxiety that i get watching these is insane.
(specially Skinamarink but that's reasonable)


anything with cool bass, but rock, post punk, jazz and indie games OST's ( I like a LOT but the go for is Life is Strange!).
I really go for indie in everything, but mostly, and speaking of which...


i could go for hours but, as I said, it's intend to be indicatives around this web. But worry not fellow internaut, for I shan't leave you with nothing.
Any games with rich universe or art design breaks all my cognitive functions and scratches the brain like no other escapism. So I'd say, for the moment, The Eternal, and previously mentioned, Life is Strange (specially the Captain Spirit standalone), Blasphemous and Fran Bow.


as for reading I don't have thaaat much enthusiasm, but anything that relates with the other topics (game dev, indie stuff, music, etc) is cool and hard to reads (in a technical sense).
My top three, hmmm...

  • Angústia
  • Divina Comeddia
  • Oyasumi Punpun

Angústia bends the reading process with it's 'anguishing' structure and plot. For a 1930's book that's pretty rad, specially with the context Graciliano, the author, wrote it.
Commedia doesn't need much introduction, dood really got his name as an anachronic good quality adjective, "Dantesque".
Punpun is solely to be very contradictory >:)
it was one of the first mangas I got to read and I really like the way Inio drives it's plot and characters, two childhood friends with a fucked up life that end up just being really bad for each other despite their efforts.

That's it! Krilly was working on the background but I need his help for other stuff, hopefully this won't get vandalized.

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