hello everynyan!

best read w this, maybe this, or maybe even this, this or this!

some may know me as Dargon...
some as Artur,
maybe Evandro, meu amor, son, Spadoni, aboboracandy's owner, daddy (not fact checked), that funny user from (insert social media) w that schizo game fem protag pfp, i.e milk-chan ,
shit I've been called jesus and "gostosa", portuguese for very attractive woman (I advice against using it in a day-to-day situation tho), at the same time.
Today, or better yet...
Now, I trash these aliases, names and masks. I'm, not someone or something, but mere electric energy, preserved in what we call bits and bytes, translated and displayed as simple funny signals we name as 'words' that you may remember and forget, once or multiple times. And will carry on like it.

for this pseudo special moment that is departure, I'll try to achieve full transparency, like some kind of dissociation.

Without any more extends, I approach our QnA with questions that some of you have sent me.

first one is from a friend, Lorenz, pão de mel hater, asks:

- oq é qna?
equivalent to "wha's qna?" in pt-BR

QnA or Q&A stands for Questions and Answers, it's an activity where someone gives answers to questions they receive.

limited profile asks someone else:

- aaaaaaa
are yuo rtelated

currently I'm rtelated, related, connected, to
Da Web™

long lost brother asks:

- are we related?

I doubt, only if you were a very active player in Club Penguin. But there's evidences in the japanese culture when they mention "doragon", as a powerful beast. Have we been that strong as one, they shall have feared us, thus deciding to divide and cast the remaining Yin, "o", and Yang, "a", although that's chinese already, perceived in the melanin of the components, to the unknown lands of the west, one to the north, the other to the south, infinities away.

swag phD thesis writer asks:

- what's your favorite donut flavor?

there's not many where I am, so most ppl do really awful ones, soggy mixture, etc. But from the ones I've had the opportunity...
Dark chocolate filling with white and milk chocolate topping is the one. I also enjoy the classic, simpsons like, and chocolate with passion fruit jelly

funny encrypted words professional typer asks:

- what got you into vaporwave (for example)?

i don't think i ever got reeeally into it, not much at least, but I remember doing my daily youtube scavenging when I was 12 and finding, in the thumbnail, the art design + colors, cyan and pink, those dolphins w random greek statues and 80's revamping very attractive, so I started listening to quite some of it, but didn't last long as I don't quite enojy the direction it took, either by extremism or after it became very popular. Ironically it introduced me to bossa nova (because it's one of the reasons my country is famous and i had no idea), and jazz. Thinking of it, I may have started to proactively search and listen to music after this.

exceptional 3d artist and cookie baker asks:

i like those that end with "?'s" and anything that tickles my brain, like the donuts question.

quality articles writer expert asks:

- are you angry that bunny rabbits don't really eat carrots

i'm frustrated that this came up to me so much after I grew up with Bugs Bunny, but it somewhat makes sense as rabbits are the twinkfication of hares, so their bodies can't handle much because they're weaklings compared to the monty python beast. It's like comparing a wolf to a pug, you cannot even ask that pile of deformity to breathe right bc someone thought it was cute that way.
I'm very nerdy so it's fun to understand that the vegetable carrot, although not really sweet to the human tongue because of it's carbohydrates being too long, still has too much compared to the original diet of rabbits, like in the wild, consisting of flowers and grass, which tastes like poison to the average ipad child (bitterness = poisonous, to the brain, that's why you need to teach yourself to eat instead of saying "me no like it").
Imagine eating a human sized head of lettuce, it's weird to think but that probably is too much fiber.

exceptional 3d artist and cookie baker says:

- (Rabbits love carrots, but the amount of sugar is so high it'd give them diabetes if it's more often than just a special treat)

sire, that is no question

dear funny Animal Crossing friend asks:

- My dearest Dargon,
do you prefer the beach or pools?

that is a hard question because I wanted to go to both with a very special person to me but sadly didn't get the chance, making it hard to decide.
I have fond memories in the pool from when I was younger, including near death experiences, because almost every new year's eve I'd spend in the pool with my family.
For beaches, I dislike the crustiness of the sand between my toes and the slimy feeling all over the body after,. I too have near death experiences at, and going to, the beach. But one of my sacred places on earth is Trinity, or Trindade. A couple of my best memories are there and it is one of the most beautiful places I've been to, great to spend time with loved ones, specially in low season + raining (a 'must' for bucket lists).
sadly, i'm unable to answer this question directly.

very knowledgeable sir who lives in the cold asks:

- Your favorite muscle car?

I'm quite unknowledgeable about cars but since a child I wanted to have Kevin's car, so 1976 Dodge Challenger it is.

fellow personal website'r asks:

- What's your favorite, and least favorite, aspect of having a website?

I enjoy learning and getting mad when something doesn't make sense or is not working properly and I also hate learning and getting mad when something doesn't make sense or is not working properly.
It's really awesome to be able to share a piece of my mind, create and see the creation alive + the community around personal websites and how much knowledge they have to share. I can't really see downsides as most stuff revolves around me procrastinating and being mad I want to but don't want to do something. I'm really passionate about the universe around technology and computers, even though i'm lazy, and was aiming to work with it, plus this website hobbie.

my better self asks:

- What is your favorite track in the Milk outside/inside a bag of milk OST? :agnoedge:

how could I Choose! I'll Be Here for a While, Thinking...
definitively Sleepy. Even though I'm Sleepless

MySpace's creator asks:

- Who do you look up to and why?

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I look up to my best friend Nina because she's the best person I've ever met and will ever meet! She's very cool, polite, nice, funny and even though life is not easy sometimes, she's always strong and perseveres!

I don't think so no, I was at a Comic Con with Junji Ito and got on a plane with future-to-be president once, i think he spat on someone at the time. The nearest to someone famous was at the airport when I was 8yo I think, the whole Guns n' Roses where getting off the plane and walked through us, but that's a memory so distant I just recall Slash and what my parents tell me. Also my dad tells me that my family was somewhat close to Mussolini as my grandfather, or g-grandfather, received a letter from him.

lover, not only of tea, asks:

- What is something cool you are currently saving up for?

I was saving up to buy the remaining hardware for my computer that I started building in my recent trip to Italy because I never had a computer that ran something heavier than Terraria and vanilla minecraft with 6 chunks lol + was studying to enter CS uni. I think I got to buy a 4070, i7-12700k and a cool mobo. But as the past tense indicates, I'm not anymore, so I'm not saving up to anything!

most incredible to exist person, Nina, asks:

- última vez que vc se sentiu feliz
lugar favorito no mundo
lugar que vc quer visitar antes de morrer
lingua que vc quer aprender antes de morrer
sua bebida favorita
a melhor comida que vc ja comeu
e algo que te faça feliz

"last time u felt happy
fav place in the world
place u want to visit before dying
language u want to learn bf dying
fav beverage
best food u ever had
and something that makes u happy"

omg nina hii
really putting the 'q' in QnA, uh?

first one is easy. Yesterday (May's 9th), prob one of the best days in my life;

by physical place I would say Bomarzo, Trindade or my bedroom but I'm not really sure ab any of these bc there's certain things that physicality alone can't achieve so bending the simplicity of the question, I'd say, and I beg the reader's pardon for my corniness, wherever I am having fun w u;

none at the time, but going a few months back I'd be undecided ab rural japan, Ferrara in Italy for family reasons and somewhere with snow;

same introduction as the last one -> I'm quite nerdy and really enjoy learning, prob would say all of them. But that's tragically time consuming so I would prioritize Italian, Japanese, Guarani -indigenous lang from South America - German, Mandarin, Latin, French, Arabic, Turkish and Afrikaans. As insane/incredible as that might sound;

Guaraná w orange juice, Afoghatto and Vaca Preta (as far as I know it was invented here, it's Cola w Vanilla/Chocolate Ice cream), very yummy;

this one is hard, Signora Laura in italy made some of the best stuff I've ever had but I'm bad w remembering altogether. By food I understand u mean something like lunch so maybe my dad's Yakisoba;

Shall I beg again pardon for corniness or is it that the answer to this one is already viscerally obvious?

magic man asks:

tis very big I separated here

closing with golden key, I got a 'very famous person I haven't met' participation...

Plastiboo said:

- Maybe favorite smell, smells can be good to spark good memories stored in the brain

this one is tricky as I have lots of good smells and none at the same time.
My sweat, a perfume I used to cover the smelliness, and "leite de rosas" (Roses's milk) remind me my best friend I used to visit after gym.
The not weird is the smell of the sea, reminds me of the beach that I said brings me fond memories.

and that's it.
this was fun!
it's been fun.

byee !

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